Tarek, as anyone else, is not a perfect person. However, he has learned and acquired a lot of valued concepts throughout both settled and unsteady phases of his previous decades (and still learning!).

Non-Stop Willingness to Learn:
The most practical-mindset personality shortens the long ways by learning from others' experiences alongside with their own ones, while the stupid person is the one who has no willingness to learn from others and who always misses the opportunities to enlarge his knowledge background.

All Religions came to spread Moral Principles among mankind:
Away from a declared war to retrieve a taken-right or land, terrifying or killing people is against any religion.
In Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had always instructed his soldiers, as for the ethical rules of wars and battles, to decently treat women, children, elderly and unarmed men. This ethical trend was practically proven by Muhammad when he (PBUH) set the non-believers free after conquering Mecca despite his victory. This noble gesture was the reason why many of them embraced Islam and it is this nobility and forgiveness that forms the essence of Islam. Such a fact should be clearly conveyed to the whole world.

Enriching and Easing People's Lives is a Must:
Business has no value unless enriching and easing people's lives.  
قال تعالى : فأما الزبدُ فيذهبُ جُفاءً وأما ما ينفعُ الناسَ فيمكثُ في الأرض

The Struggle Way to Success is much more Pleasant than Success itself :
Enjoy every moment you struggle to overcome any difficulties facing your way as it will always represent the fadeless joyful memories of your life.