A research-vision to resolve poverty, ignorance, unemployment & healthcare problems in Egypt
The book has been released in Egypt by the end of 2015 as a gift (not to be sold) .... Click on the book image below to read it (Arabic)

Thank You Letter from Ambassador of Kuwait in Cairo to Dean of Kasr El Aini Faculty of Medicine for the play "A Child for this Age", Written, Directed by the student TAREK ORABY



Work Experience & Recommendation Letter from Chairman of TN Communications &
Al Kahera Wal Nas Satellite Channel (



Thank You Letter from Chairman of the Production Sector at the Egyptian Radio & Television Union "ERTU"
for the TV works of Tarek Oraby



Thank You Letter from the Egyptian Prime Minister for the National Campaign
Against Unemployment in Egypt, Created & Planned by Tarek Oraby in 1999



Resignation Request by Tarek Oraby from Ministry of Health & a reply thank you letter from H.E. Minister of Health







Tarek Oraby' Innovative Marketing Campaign "JOB IN A PIECE OF CHOCOLATE",
Published in the most famous Egyptian journal "Akhbar Alyoum" & other journals (1997 - 1999)



TAREK ORABY in Newspapers as the Advisor to Minister of Health in Egypt (2011)


TAREK ORABY in Newspapers as an Actor (1994)


TAREK ORABY @ Russia Today TV "RT Arabic" about the suspended services of Visa & MasterCard in Russia


TAREK ORABY @ Nile News Channel (Official Egyptian TV) about the New Suez Canal Opening


TAREK ORABY @ LTC Satellite Channel (Nile Sat), about a new literary work in Egypt created by Tarek Oraby & Omyma Elsayed


TAREK ORABY @ Sout El Sha'ab - The Voice Of People - (Official Egyptian TV) about the Egyptian Healthcare file